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Official electronic reader Ebook v1.06 (N78 built-in version)

Official electronic reader Ebook v1.06 (N78 built-in version)

eBook Mobile is a versatile eBook Reader program.It supports the common text PDB, PRC and TXT file format.
Other features include:
- Support English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Unicode (UTF-8) Chinese document coding eBook
- In the inbox (including My Documents folder), stored in mobile phones (including an external memory card) automatically search all documents eBook
- Support the inbox of the eBook copy files to a designated location other directory
- Support vertical, left / right horizontal normal / full-screen display mode
- A bookmark
- Text search function
- Text font big / small
- Support text, background and highlight colors (text search using) choose
- Backlit switches
- Change the name of eBook
- Deleted when the Open eBook eBook files, they can use the following hotkey:
Lever: Previous / Next;
[1] conversion of normal / left-rotation mode
[2] conversion of normal / full-screen display mode
[3] conversion of normal / right to the rotating display mode
[4] on a bookmark
[5] conversion font large / small
[6] the next bookmark
[8] to find
[0] to find new bookmark
[C] delete a bookmark
[#] Documentation Note:
Default encoding for the English language. If they do not support English document coding, please / / Laws. If the circumstances are downloaded ebooks is not English, please / / modified to Traditional Chinese or English.

Packaging is the way the government has built into the five books, the path E: ’ Mybook can choose not to delete or remove the software can self-delete

1. Installation of the software required signatures (before installation please uninstall the previous version)

2. No anomalies found unloading