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Download BT File Manager - Send a file via Bluetooth to another Cell - Free Mobile Software

Download BT File Manager - Seend a file via Bluetooth to another Cell - Free Mobile Software

BT File Manager is a powerful tool that allows us to transfer files (pictures, videos, etc..) Of a cell to another computer via the bluetooth connection, and also gain control to delete, edit, or move folders. Is a very useful application if we move our data from one computer to another, or simply backing up ... However, being honest, where its success lies in the factor is able to copy everything from cell others, make them evil or delete your files, unless you have the application installed.

Simply that the team is in the range of the bluetooth and be able to access and copy files from cell to choose, but the big BUT is that the other cell must accept the connection.

Yet here we are as good-hearted (if, of course) we suggest you use it sparingly and remember that you can also obtain applications or files of other JAR cell saving some hard before thinking of other things and draw pictures.

Download BT File Manager

EndWar 2 Confirmed, Tom Clancy's Endwar Sequel

Tom Clancy's Endwar sequel is confirmed to be in development. Not given the name yet, it is being referred to as EndWar 2 by the folks around the world. Most probably the name is going to be the same for the sequel though some post title additions will be there. EndWar 2 is in development by Ubisoft Shangai as revealed by Ubisoft creative director Michael de Platter who revealed the EndWar sequel. However he didn't mentioned about the release date for EndWar 2.

Asphalt Urban GT 2 3D

Hi-Ban Gameloft Asphalt Urban GT 2 240x320 3D
Asphalt's never been so hot!
Four tracks inspired by the world's most famous cities, mind-blowing realism thanks to exceptional 3D graphics, the chance to reach breakneck speeds at the wheel of 6 cars and motorcycles straight out of the garages of the most prestigious manufacturers (VW, Nissan, Lamborghini, Ducati, Mercedes).

That's the world of Asphalt Urban GT 2, by far the hottest 3D racing game for mobile phones! Your goal: win the most races to show your competitors that you're the undisputed master of the asphalt and make the enticing Pussycat Dolls quiver!

Download All

Screen 176x208
Screen 240x320


Tom And Jerry Pinball Pursuit

The world’s most famous cat and mouse duo returns to mobile in a fun pinball adventure game. Roll Jerry through three pinball tables based on areas of the iconic house and stop him from becoming Tom’s next meal. Household items, furniture and mouse holes all double as targets and hazards in this frantic pinball pursuit. Have you got what it takes to discover each table’s sub game and score a jackpot? It’s pinball with a Tom and Jerry twist!

Features :
# Three pinball tables based on kitchen, dining room and yard
# Household items, furniture and mouse holes all double as pinball targets and hazards
# Each area in the game has a unique skill-based sub game
# Top down view with vertical scrolling within tables
# Perfect for high-scores with simple mobile controls



Download PowerMP3 v1.14 For Nokia s60v5

PowerMP3 will turn your S60v3, s60v5 Smartphone into powerful MP3, OGG, AAC and M4A player.

PowerMP3 is a revolutionary audio/music player for Nokia Series 60 smartphone. It is designed using pluggable architecture for the possibility of extending the player with new audio file formats when the need arises. The current version of PowerMP3 supports MP3, OGG, AAC and M4A formats.

-Play music in MP3,OGG, AAC and M4A audio file formats
-Create custom Playlists to organize your music
-Support of M3U format for playlists
-High quality Different Skins
-10-Band Graphical Equalizer for all kind of music
-Graphical Spectrum analyzer
-Adjust the Balance while song playing
-Background Playback
-PowerMP3 resumes playback after incoming or outgoing calls
-Set the playing position with Fast forward and Fast rewinding
-Powerful Equalizer presets management with Auto mode
-Easy “Update My Music”
-Sleep timer
-Random play
-Repeat song or all songs
-Downloadable skins
-Lock keys

In new version:
-Fixed a lot of bugs
-New volume control
-New EQ

Compatible with

Series 60 v5 phones



How to make iPhone Ringtones Windows for FREE

to make iPhone Ringtones on Mac and Windows for FREE
I have many iPhone Ringtones on my iPhone, and I change them once one day. But I don't buy them online. I just make iPhone Ringtones myself by Ringtone Maker Shareware. Actually, iPhone Ringtone maker is m4r Ringtone Maker, such as mp3 Ringtone Converter, WMA Ringtone Converter and WAV Ringtone Converter. There are also iPhone Ringtone Converter for Mac or iPhone Ringtone Creator Mac.
Here I will share how to make iPhone ringtones on Windows and Mac.
Step 1: Load Music
Click "Browse" on the right side of "Input File" to find your music that you want to make as your iPhone ringtone and click "Open" to load it into iPhone Ringtone shareware.
Step 2: Choose iPhone Ringtones
1. Drag your "Start Slider" to the beginning of the "Slider Bar" and "End Slider" to the end, then click.
2. a. Drag the "Start Slider" to find where is the beginning of your ringtone and Drag "End Slider" to make an End of it.
b. Type the exact "Start Time" and "End Time" in the box to choose your ringtone.
3. If you want to put your ringtone directly on your iPhone, just plug your iPhone to your computer and check "Export to iPhone" (4). If you just want to put it on your computer, click "Browse" on the right of "Local Output Folder" to find a place to put it.
Step 3: Generate iPhone Ringtones
After you have done the 3 steps, just click "Generate" to make your iPhone ringtones.
For Mac:
If you are a Mac user, you need to find iPhone Ringtone Converter for Mac or iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac.
The process of making your own iPhone ringtone on Mac is the same as on Windows.
Hope you enjoy this DIY process.

Search Engine Tricks

earch Engine Tricks
Having a hard time finding something online? Does it seem like you type in your search term but don't get anywhere near what you're looking for?
Well, here's a couple tricks that seem (almost) universal between search engines.
Let's say you're looking for sports cars and all you're getting is information on baseball and football (sports). What can you do? Try some of the following:
1. Try:
sports +cars
Most search engines will interpret this as meaning you only want results that have both the word "sports" and "cars" in them. Some search engines let you us the word "and" to do this as well (i.e. sports and cars).
2. You can also try to exclude terms. Let's say you still aren't getting what you want with sports cars (you still keep getting baseball info). Try something like:
sports +cars -baseball
The "-" sign tells most search engines to exclude results that have whatever word it is that has the "-" in front of it. (Don't put a space between the - and the word to be excluded though!)
3. If the above seems too confusing, most search engines have an "advanced search" option that gives you a web-style way to help you accomplish the same thing. Instead of using "+ / -" they use drop down boxes and option buttons. It is usually easier to search this way, although it's probably faster to use steps 1 & 2.
4. The next thing you might try is being more specific. Instead of just sports cars, maybe use exotic sports cars. Try different combinations of search terms until you get what you're after. (Careful with that word "exotic" though!)
5. Also, you may want to try using quotes. If you type in:
"sports cars"
You should only get results that match that exact phrase in that exact order. Sometimes that can narrow things down considerably.

Death to Spies: Moment of Truth Demo

1C Company has released the Death to Spies: Moment of Truth demo. The game is scheduled for release late this summer and the demo has been made available for the game as of now. Death to Spies: Moment of Truth demo weighs around 590Mb and is available for PC exclusively.

Death to Spies demo consists of only one level from the full game called Polish Surprise where players takes the role of Semion Strogov to infiltrate the Nazi castle to intercept the radio of trasmission of important Nazi intelligence and to destroy the weapons cahce. You can download Death to Spies Moment of Truth demo for PC from this link.

Add or Change Album Art in iphone

addor Change Album Art When you purchase a track from the iTunes Store, it automatically comes with the correct cover art for that track's album. And when you rip a track from a CD, iTunes accesses the iTunes Store to get the cover art for that track, too.
But sometimes iTunes doesn't get it right. Maybe it doesn't know which track you're ripping. Maybe the iTunes Store doesn't have cover art for that particular album. Or maybe iTunes doesn't guess right and downloads the wrong cover art for that particular track.
Whatever the reason, you're likely to end up with more than a few tracks in your iTunes library that don't have the right cover art. It also means that when you play that track on your iPod, the cover art will be wrong or missing.
Fortunately, there are a few different ways to add or change the cover art for tracks in your iTunes library. Perhaps the easiest method is to display the Artwork pane in the iTunes software, by selecting View > Show Artwork. All you have to do is select the track with the missing cover art, find the cover art on another website, and then use your mouse to drag and drop the artwork from that website into the artwork pane. The iTunes software then adds that artwork to the selected track.
If you have more than one track or an entire album with missing art, there's another method you can use. Select the tracks in the iTunes library; then select File > Get Info. When the Get Info dialog box appears, select the Artwork tab. You can use the drag-and-drop method to copy artwork from another website, or click the Add button to browse your hard disk for the replacement art file.
All of which begs the related question, where do you find album cover artwork? The best place to search is, which has artwork for the millions of CDs it sells online. Next best is to do a Google Image search; Google does a good job of finding just about anything. When you locate the artwork, save it to your hard disk, or copy and paste it into iTunes.

Demigod Demo Download

Demigod demo is released. Demigod is a game influenced by the Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients. The demo is available for download now. It is a bulky 599MB free Demigod download. YOu would need high speed broadband connection if you are planning of downloading Demigod PC demo in minutes.

Unlike other demos, Demigod demo contains lot of game play for you guys to play. While other demos either shows you a trailer or put you in a play of one or two levels, Demigod free trial version will lets you play almost the complete multiplayer part of the game. The game is based on the fight of demigods. There are some demigods that player will take control to fight with rival demigods.

Demigod demo is an online multiplayer containing cataract map, four demigods and all the gameplay modes. Four demigods featured are Regulus, Rook, Sedna and Lord Erebus and the gameplay modes featured in the Demigod PC demo are Conquest, Dominate, Fortress and Slaughter. This is a PC exclusive game only. You can download the Demigod demo for PC from here.

Oh forgot to tell you this is a post game release Demigod demo. The game released in April.

Create Smart Playlists in iphone

believe it or not, not all users know how to create music playlists in iTunes. A playlist is, of course, a collection of tracks that you've grouped together for a particular reason. You can listen to playlists within iTunes or on your iPod, and you can use playlists to determine which songs are copied to your iPod or burned to CD.
To create a standard playlist, all you have to do is select File > New Playlist to create a new "untitled playlist" item in the Playlists section of the Source pane. Double-click this item and enter a title for the playlist; then select Music in the Library section of the Source pane. Select the songs you want to add to the playlist, and then drag them onto the name of the playlist in the Source pane. Voilà! You now have a playlist of the songs you selected.
Even easier is a Smart Playlist, which automatically creates a playlist based on criteria you select. For example, you might want to create a playlist of your favorite soul singers, or music released in a given year, or even dance tracks at a specific tempo. All you have to do is define the rules, and iTunes will find the matching tracks and use them to create a new playlist.
To create a Smart Playlist, select File > New Smart Playlist. When the Smart Playlist dialog box appears, define a new rule that follows the form field > matches > keyword. Pull down the first list box to define the field (Album, Artist, Genre, and so on); pull down the second list box to define the match (contains, does not contain, starts with, ends with, and so forth); then enter one or more keywords into the final text box. For example, to include all songs by Frank Sinatra, select Artist > contains > Frank Sinatra.
To define another rule for this playlist, click the + button next to the first rule. This displays another set of selection controls. Repeat the steps just above to add the new rule, and then repeat the entire procedure to add even more rules for this playlist.
When you're done defining the criteria for your Smart Playlist, select whether you want songs to match Any or All of the rules you just created. To limit the size of the playlist, check the Limit To option and enter the number of items desired. And to keep this playlist updated when you add new items to your music library, check the Live Updating option. Click OK when done.
iTunes will now search your music library for items that match the rules you've defined and then create the new playlist. (The playlist is initially labeled "untitled playlist," so you'll need to select it in the Source pane and give it a proper name.)