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WebGate Advanced Call Manager | download symbian applications

WebGate Advanced Call Manager v2.71.220 S60v3 v5 SymbianOS9.x

iWebGate Advanced Call Manager

ACM handles your incoming calls with a personalized approach to different callers – it accepts, rejects, forwards calls, sends a personalized SMS, plays a greeting or mutes the ringer. You can easily save different profiles and schedule them according to time or location.
Take your time with Advanced Call Manager!
With Advanced Call Manager you can organize your phone book into custom lists like Black list (people you don’t like to disturb you), White list (important people who are “allowed” to call you) or any other custom list (a very special group could be your family to which you may wish to send a personal SMS if they call during a business meeting).
ACM enables you to set different actions for the groups you have defined ‐ you can accept, reject, divert calls, send personalized SMS, play personalized greeting or mute the ringer. With SMS templates you can set special messages for each group very easily. You can do the same with personalized voice greetings.
The Advanced Call Manager symbian applications lets you tune your mobile into several modes:

* Accept all calls (inactive)
* Reject all calls
* Accept Phonebook only
* Reject from black list (you have to define the list in advance)
* Accept from white list (you have to define the list in advance)
* Reject all + custom action (e.g. send SMS to your wife or girlfriend if she calls)

Supported Reject Actions:

* Send busy tone / drop
* Reply by SMS
* Divert calls
* Mute the ringer
* Send personalized greeting (applies to Nokia devices only!)

How Advanced is the Advanced Call Manager?
Always a step ahead of the competition, ACM seamlessly integrates with your phone and secures flawless call capturing and handling – allowing you to enjoy your time and privacy.

* Ultra‐fast recognition and capturing of incoming calls, leaving the caller unaware of your current un/availability
* Changeable status indicator of the program activity in the phone stand‐by screen
* Support of Profiles to keep typical frequently used scenarios and settings
* Handling of Hidden callers to help you avoid people whose numbers cannot be retrieved
* Tight integration with the contacts from the phone book
* Automatic Profiles activation based on your Location and Time of day
* Feature‐rich, making it possible to effectively handle any situation and all incoming call traffic
* Auto‐run at power‐on

Already have ACM? Latest release features:

* New chic interface
* Full compatibility with S60 touch-screen phones
* Localization in English, French, Italian, Germa

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WebGate Voice Inbox 1.08.87 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x.

WebGate SMS Spam Manager

Voice Inbox is an answering machine for your phone. With the inbox on your voice, you can count on your own answering local message store instead of using your mobile service voice mail.




WebGate SMS Spam Manager v1.10.138 S60v3 S60v5 No more unwanted messages and SMS Spam!

SMS Spam Manager blocks unwanted SMS messages without producing any sound or light indication.

With SMS Spam Manager you can effectively filter all your incoming SMS messages. SMS Spam Manager stops the junk and unwanted SMS messages.


[EA Mobile] Battleship & Connect 4 | Free Mobile Game

[EA Mobile] Battleship & Connect 4 free mobile game

Free Mobile Game

Two classic games in an amazing double pack! Establish links with
Connect 4 in the timeline of

Two classic games in an amazing double pack! Establish links with Connect 4 in the timeline of Thursday Hit or miss in the final game of skill, tactics, and stop the battle.

Audio Smileys Nokia Beta Labs

Audio Smileys Nokia Beta Labs

Nokia Original Audio Smileys

Audio Smileys Nokia


Audio Smileys is a small application that allows you to play sounds fun to express your feelings. It is mainly targeted for young people, but of course, anyone can use it to sleep with friends, or pulling pranks on his colleagues. Once launched, press 1 ... 9 on your keyboard to play the sound. In addition, you can create your own smileys audio using the audio editor smiley.

Note: Audio Smileys is very different from other applications of Beta Labs. Do let us know if you want to see this kind of small applications and less serious in the future!
Compatibility and System Requirements

If work on all * the latest based on the Nokia Series 40 or S60, with the traditional keyboard. Partial work on devices with QWERTY keyboard (only the center key can play sounds). Does not work on touch screen devices.

* Requires Java version = CLDC-1.1 and MIDP 2.0.
Known issues:

* Series 40: When a key is pressed, wait for the sound to the end before pressing a button. Telephone May freeze or crash if the buttons are pressed too quickly.
* Volume bar at the bottom may not be entirely visible with certain phone models.
* About the image of customization:
o Some S60 phones can not load images of more than 400kB.
o Series 40 phones generally can not load images of more than 30kB.
* Depends on the performance of your phone model