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Tequila Mobile Explode v1.0.23 S60v3 J2ME

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Tequila Mobile is pleased to introduce four new classic games for mobile phones. Checkers, Halma, Hanoi Tower and Mill (aka Nine Men’s Morris) will strengthen company’s classic product line initially launched in 2006 by the release of Skat - national German card game which that has been exceptionally successful and chosen as one of the best selling games of 2006 on Vodafone Live!

Ported for more than 400 devices, offering greatly balanced gameplay, fresh additions, singleplayer mode against AI as well as multiplayer "pass-play" mode, Tequila Mobile’s new classics are currently spreading across its international distribution network.

Main features:

• Delightfully simple game-play keeping you in for hours!
• 4 carefully planned game modes: Main, Puzzle, Time Attack and Freestyle. Each mode is different and well balanced.
• Great physics that allows to predict bubble moves accurately
• 4 multi-channel music tracks to unlock, synchronized with multi-level and 3D-like animated backgrounds. These are Chillout, Rock, Drumm’n’bass and Jazz tracks
• 9 special types of bubbles to unlock. Each with unique abilities having influence on the other bubbles, radar or game field itself.
• 4 unique and great looking graphic themes to unlock during game progress.
• Intuitive controls with "one thumb" control possible.
• Main mode containing 12 progressive, challenge increasing levels with special bubbles, in-game tips and user friendly practice that guarantees instant fun from the start
• Outstanding graphics, perfect quality in every detail!

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