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Mobility-Games: TURBO ATV ARENA N95/N80 J2ME ENG

10 Challenges each with new rules of winning and losing which dramatically change the gameplay. •Strong AI which tries to drive you off-course or engages in hot pursuit in the Witch hunter or Juggernaut challenges. •Three presets of vehicle handling

Turbo ATV Arena is a remarkable game, from the eye candy menu to the incredibly diverse gameplay. To bring in the excitement of the ATV racing, the AI also plays fairly aggressive and not just trying to fill the gaps in the race. But the gem of the game consists of the infamous ATV tricks which were carefully implemented and documented. A special meter is included in the GUI and measures the height of the jump and helps you determine what trick to execute, in other words, you can see how much time you will be air-born thus how much time you have to perform the aerial trick. Ten challenges break the game into ten different games, each being different from the previous, all available only if you complete the previous.

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