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Alive 4 Ever Patch 1.1 Update

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Update: Alive 4 Ever patch 1.1 has been rolled out and as such is live at Apple Application Store. You can visit App Store here to check more about Alive 4 Ever patch 1.1 update.

Original: Soon you will be getting Alive 4 Ever patch 1.1 update as it has been submitted by Meridan to Apple for review. The update will be rolled out soon and users would be able to download ALive 4 Ever 1.1 patch then.

Alive 4 Ever patch 1.1 will include two new modes. Two new game modes are being introduced, "Survival Battle" and "Horde Battle". In survival battle, you try to stay alive as long as you can through endless streams of zombies. If you survive for ten minutes, a special golden Desert Eagle pistol will be awarded. Horde battle has you fighting waves of zombies, and a P90, golden AK-47, and a M4 Super 90 will be rewarded for clearing waves 8, 16, and 24.

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