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Batman Arkham Asylum Patch 1.1

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Batman Arkham Asylum Patch 1.1 download link has been provided by Eidos Interactive now. The Batman Arkham Asylum patch was released a week ago at Games for Windows website but at that time Eidos didn't gave any actual link to download Batman Arkham Asylum patch 1.1. Many faced difficulties while installing the patch from third party services and Eidos finally made the Batman Arkham Asylum patch download link visible to the public.

Well this is a 270Mb patch for the PC version of the game which is now available from all the major games download services. At the high speed Internet connection, Batman Arkham Asylum 1.1 patch will get downloaded in matter of minutes only. You can click on this link to download Batman Arkham Asylum patch 1.1, the first Batman Arkham Asylum patch released for the PC platform.

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