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Sherlock Holmes - The Official Movie Game

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After success with previous version of detective sherlock , now Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson in the film competition with a secret, which requires intelligence and sharp blows difficult to resolve. Women are disappearing from the streets of London and the worship of evil Lord Blackwood in a little behind - but why?

Blackwood men fight in epic battles, chasing suspects in the streets, racing cars on busy streets and use your powers of observation and deduction for the leadership, you need to find all together. This time the problem, but something elementary.

* Preview the movie with the official mobile game
* 2 playable characters
* true likeness for each character in a reproduction of 19th century London.
* 10 chapters of action & investigation to counter Lord Blackwood's dark plans.

For 240 x 320 screen resolution


For 360 x 640 wide touchscreen resolution phone.

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